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About Us

CalibreCode provides on-demand and integrated Quality Assurance Solutions for Product Management & Engineering teams. We partner with development teams in the thick of things -  ideation/prototyping, MVP development, full-scale implementation, and release to provide continuous testing services.


We have built a team of test engineers who pack a punch of test scenarios for modern applications centred on experience, data, performance, and scalability. With over 300,000 hours of collective testing on modern applications since inception in 2017, we can analyse and perform QA as part of the engineering cycle.


We like apps to do what they are designed to do! 


CalibreCode solves the problem of Quality in Software Development, which has fluid meanings for different organisations, teams, and users. “It does not work on my browser”, “There are too many steps to sign up”,  “My goal is for users to willingly take actions on the platform and find it easier & quicker to navigate”, “Is data secure to share on this site?”, “Does this application respond to GDPR settings with complete integrity?”, “Our team built a high-performing application using low-code in 8 weeks but failed to integrate with enterprise systems. We are in technical debt!” 


These problems are essentially speaking to the quality of applications. The issues or the test cases are repeated and noticeable in most applications! We ensure end-to-end verification & validation through - Functional Testing, Mobile Testing, Compatibility, Regression, Performance and Security Testing.


We solve the problem of quality releases with 100% test coverage, >98% defect quality and review effectiveness. 


Digital-first Testing

We engage as an extended team, testing partner, and outsourced QA vendor to fit your Digital Engineering organisation! We work alongside product teams and enterprise clients to test prototypes, pilot products, and achieve quality confidence (bug-free) for releases with a focus on


  • Accelerating your test cycles with Test Automation

  • Catalysing Digital Transformation initiatives for quick launch

  • Iterative testing to support ideation and regression for any number of new features

  • Maximising experience of Products and Applications with UX testing

  • Achieving Compliance standards to strengthen the core and gain the first submission pass for app launches on Playstore/Appstore

  • Customised Testing for AI-based Applications, Data Testing and Chatbot Testing

Reach out to us for Software Testing services, Agile Testing Plans, Quality Releases and everything in between

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The Team


Seema HeadShot2.jpg

Seema Nair

CEO and Founder

Seema drives the Delivery, Strategy, and Growth of CalibreCode Solutions. She grew from strength to strength over 15+ years in various roles -  Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Product Development, QA and Automation Consulting & Implementation. She is an exceptional talent and an empathetic leader who built a young team of test engineers & business analysts and continuously coached them on delivering excellence to clients.


Seema is the Subject Matter Expert and point of contact for discussing your Product roadmap and Testing goals. She advises on differentiating your applications through competitive intelligence, usability and design.

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Ajesh Kumar Nair
COO and Co-Founder

Ajesh manages project and people operations at CalibreCode Solutions. He drives organisation initiatives, culture and capabilities of the team. He is a master of collaborative ideation, identifying techniques and creative ways to develop the aptitude and critical thinking skills required for the test engineering team.

Ajesh is the point of contact for discussing new opportunities and engagement models. He can assist in rethinking your QA team design and process improvements and initiate effective change management.

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