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Software Testing and QA Services

Software testing is the process of ensuring product quality by validating business and technical requirements. The software testing services offered by CalibreCode follow systematic and result-oriented testing processes to ensure that product requirement are adequately met.

While we recommend Agile Testing methodologies for greater collaboration and tighter alignment of resources, our processes are flexible enough to integrate with all phases and models of software development. In addition, our QA engineers are adept at quickly starting projects at short notice to provide rapid feedback.

The software development process is often bound by cost, time and resource limitations. Therefore, the QA approach at CalibreCode focuses on a faster return on investment by ensuring that high-severity bugs are caught early in testing cycles and the recurrence of bugs is prevented.

CalibreCode's software testing services cover manual and automated testing for Web, Mobile, Desktop and Packaged applications. Our sole focus is on Software QA, and we work with product development companies, software services providers and start-up companies as their QA partners or extended QA teams.


Software Testing Methodology


Tools & Technologies

  • Selenium Webdriver

  • WebdriverIO

  • Appium

  • Locust

  • Jenkins

  • Docker

  • GitHub

  • Jira 

  • Confluence

  • Asana

  • TestNG

  • JBehave

  • Cucumber

  • Cucumber-Boilerplate

  • Mocha

  • Chai

  • PY Framework

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • Python

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