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A11Y Compliance Testing

Tests to ensure compliance with standards and regulations 

Privacy Policy Testing

Unlocking competitive advantage & trust with Compliance


Application Engineering thrives on User Experience and Personalisation! About 90% of product features are responsive and controlled by user data and preferences (behavioural data). While it is convenient for product teams to use real-time data and build personalised experiences for app users, ‘data privacy’ holds a tight grip on businesses at many levels. Privacy is an ethical responsibility, compliance standard and legal obligation!


Privacy is the topmost dimension for responsible tech (alongside Performance, Usability and Sustainability) and a critical tech challenge for Product Managers (Mckinsey Research). This fact influences the Privacy Policy design for every application & website and is reinforced by the mandate from European Union’s GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act, HIPAA for healthcare,...


Privacy Design and Testing

Check the Box… only after Compliance Testing!


CalibreCode reviews privacy from a functional and data integrity lens, verifying that every digital interaction operates within the user’s content and data is accessible only to authorized roles. We ensure complete test scenario coverage performing


  • Data quality review through the collection-use-sharing-retention-storage-analytics-insights cycle

  • Independent testing of privacy configurations and associated functional response

  • Validation of data sets used for training and testing (data-centred/AI applications)


Our Testing Solutions


  • Web and Mobile Privacy Policy functions and their dynamic response to App Functionality

  • Execute Compliance Checklists for standards such as GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, PII, HIPAA, COPAA, AppStory/Playstore Privacy guidelines

  • Risk-based Testing for Functional & Data Workflows 

  • Audit-based test execution for customised product privacy requirements


Privacy is subjective to product design! So, we work on a tailored testing plan based on your app's data privacy appetite combined with topical concerns of compliance in the domain.  

As you notify your users that you take their privacy seriously, let us ensure you keep up that trust. 


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