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Usability Testing Services

UX Testing - making the user experience worthwhile!


Maximise the User Experience of your Applications


Your customers visit your website/use your application and are ideally willing to explore as many features as you can make interesting for them! Creating interest could mean clever design, gamifying experiences or plain - ‘easy to use’. 


Greater than 70% of applications bet on ‘easy to use’ experiences to win their users, which according to us is a deal breaker for product success.


UX Testing - making the user experience worthwhile!


CalibreCode approaches UX Testing as feedback from actual (representative) users by testing what the product envisions for a target user.


We test functional UX goals with 100% test coverage of static experiences like consistent design, conventions, optimisation for mobile devices, and standard workflows.


We conduct Usability Testing with heuristic reviews for UX goals that are timed i.e. making the first impression in just 3 secs, the landing page experience, the next click, and the expected navigation paths.


Our test engineers bring perspectives on user journey simulations, representative scenarios from your application domain and competitive product references.

Our Approach


We engage with clients from the early prototype to the advanced prototype/ wireframes and post-release to provide feedback on the website/application. 


  1. Understand the background of your UX design and conduct product interviews & competitive analysis

  2. User Journey Mapping/ User flows and translating them into Test Scenarios

  3. Create a UX Requirement Feature Matrix - aligned with goals (Brand Awareness, Product Discoverability, Responsive Design, Performance, Purchase experience, Checkouts, Ad placements and so on…)

  4. Test Strategy based on Behavioral Analysis, User Reviews and real-time Analytics results

  5. Test Execution in iterative test cycles

  6. Test Reports with recommendations and actionable feedback

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