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  • Seema Nair

IBM Host On-Demand Macro Scripting Language

A Host On-Demand macro is a XML script that allows a Host On-Demand client to interact automatically with a host application running on a terminal emulator session (a 3270 Display session, a 5250 Display session, a VT Display session, or a CICS Gateway session).

The below steps should help you set up a test environment for validating your macro scripts.

  1. Install Firefox 30.

  2. Download the latest supported version of Java.

  3. Open Firefox and Go to ‘’

  4. The program will then begin to download and a series of dialog boxes will appear.

  5. If you did not allow pop-ups from the BU site , you will need to temporarily unblock pop-ups.

  6. Once the program has finished downloading, the HOD main screen will appear.

  7. At this point, you can choose a 3270 session or an FTP session. There are two 3270 sessions defined. UISA 3270-2 is an 80-column screen (Mod-2). UISA 3270-5 is a 132-column screen (Mod-5).

  8. Double-click the UISA 3270-2 icon.

  9. This should start your environment where you can write and test your macro scripts.


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