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  • Seema Nair

Importance of CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour. Today, every individual has a presence online due to the avid usage of smart devices. Our grandparents, parents, children are all using the internet for various needs.

Our online identity is used across many applications on the internet and mobile. We get numerous promotion emails, SMS messages from sources that we do not recognize. We use public Wifis in coffee shops, libraries, train stations, and airports. All this makes us more susceptible to cyber-attacks and digital spying.

Until a few years ago, only organizations focused more on cybersecurity. Today, each and every individual needs to be educated about cybersecurity. We hear day to day stories of accounts being hacked, innocent people falling prey to emails, SMS shared by fraudsters and end up compromising their money or valuable data.

Cyber-security measures should be implemented to protect users from attacks. At the rate at which the digital presence is growing, we should implement measures at the root level. Mobile OS should have in-built security features that protect user's data and warn users when they click on any link or file that could prove to be malicious. We should all make ourselves aware of phishing emails, hoax support calls and educate our kith and kin.

Web applications should implement Authentication, Authorization and encryption-based security solutions. Data should be encrypted in transit as well as storage so that customer data is not compromised at any cost.

Security Testing should ensure both client and server-side security. The software and frameworks used should also be tested for known vulnerabilities. Security Testing should start during the early phases of development. Take early decisions on the Auth, cookies and session time of the application to save cost during later stages.

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